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Febi Brake Fluid DOT4 Plus 23930 1L for HONDA, FORD

Febi Brake Fluid DOT4 Plus 23930 1L for HONDA, FORD

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Febi Brake Fluid DOT4 Plus 23930 1Ltr

Product Information
- Fully-synthetic brake fluid with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors
- For hydraulic brake and clutch systems
- Mixable with any other fully-synthetic, glycol-based brake fluids
- Excellent dry and wet boiling point properties

ZM Parts Pro Tip

This is an OE (Original Equipment) quality Brake Fluid suitable for Honda, Ford and other vehicle manufacturers. It has a high boiling point compared to other brands of brake fluid which means it will not break down easily during heavy braking and it is a long lasting braking fluid needing replacement typically every 2-3 years.

This brake fluid is used in the Genuine Honda and Ford brake fluids. Exact same stuff but just different packaging.

The 5 litre bottle is available here: Febi Brake Fluid DOT4 Plus 23932 5L



Boiling Point (ERBP) 260 °C
DIN - ISO ISO 4925
DOT specification DOT 4
Recommended Use MB 331.0
Volume 1 l
Wet Boiling Point (Wet ERBP) 180 °C

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